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Loads To Do In Your Spare Time In Thailand

Thailand is a holiday destination par excellence and there is no shortage of things to fill up your spare time, while teaching English in the busy centres or the quieter backwoods.

A number of these are unique to Thailand such as Muai Thai, an ancient fighting art that will improve your mental and physical strength. Take some classes and burn off all calories from the delicious meals you will be indulging in during your time in Thailand.

Talking of food, a Thai cookery class is considered one of the best souvenirs you can take home from Thailand.  A variety of different classes are offered in numerous different venues and by taking one of these you will be investing in a lifetime of wonderful cooking skills to spoil your loved ones.

Thai Dance classes are offered in both classic and folk dance varieties and learning to speak Thai in your spare time will certainly improve your skills and value in the workplace.

Another way to learn while earning some extra cash is to work overtime or to assist with after-school activities such as aftercare, sports, and specialised or private lessons. You could also offer these services as a volunteer in needy communities.  Volunteers are required in many fields all over Thailand and you could also help out at animal rehabilitation centres and environmental sanctuaries if you are a nature lover.

Thailand is famous for its exciting landscapes, so don’t miss the chance to take part in rock-climbing and hiking activities in the countryside to make the most of this lovely country. Under the ocean, brilliant coral reefs and tropical fish await discovery – try snorkelling or taking a PADI scuba diving course to visit them in their watery home.

Naturally the temples, caves and historical sites of Thailand also wait to be explored at your leisure.

What are you waiting for?  Grab your chance to enjoy a paid holiday while teaching English in Thailand.

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