TEFL Can Be a Career and Not Just a Job

While most people teaching English as a foreign language see it merely as a way to earn money while travelling the world, there are those who fall in love with teaching and choose to make a career of it.

There is no reason why you too should not make a career of this gratifying and important profession.  With commitment, dedication and extra effort, any job can turn into a successful career.  There are those individuals who started off as TEFL workers who are now studying towards their PhDs in ESL or similar fields.

By planning long-term goals and seeking promotion, you too can build a successful career out of TEFL, with many opportunities for advancement.

These are some of the ways in which you can turn your temporary teaching stint into a fulfilling career.

  • You can take the initiative to become the director of a language institute Although a degree in language would certainly pave the way for you here, putting in time on the ground and showing initiative while working at such an institution can certainly help you to advance up the educational ladder.
  • Alternatively, with enough experience, you could open your own language school.  Often this is easier and less costly than attempting the same thing in your home country, and can be a lot more rewarding.
  • Your experience in the field of TEFL can help you to land a post training other prospective teachers, especially if you prefer working with adults.  You can enquire about further courses in this field at your TEFL academy.
  • If you have a recognised bachelor’s degree, you could apply for a permanent position at a public school while teaching abroad, and you can start working towards a promotion while enjoying the benefits of long summer vacations and most afternoons off.
  • One of the fields related to actual teaching itself is EFL/ESL Publishing.  You could put your skills and experience gained from teaching into becoming a technical writer, working for textbook publishers or course curriculum developers.
  • Getting involved in refugee or immigrant services is another way to put your international experience and people skills to good use.  In this way, you are not limited to teaching, but can experience a wide range of job placement options and a great sense of satisfaction from helping others.

Teaching abroad may present many other opportunities for you to discover a rewarding career, with opportunities for growth and advancement popping up in the most unexpected places.

A journey of a thousand beautiful miles begins with one step – take that first step toward a rewarding career today.

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