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Volunteering for free as a teacher in Thailand

English is understood almost all over the world and is universally accepted as the business and legal language of the modern world.  It is also something which most of us take for granted.

This is not the case throughout Thailand.  Here your prowess in the English language is highly prized and something which all families in Thailand wish for their children to learn at school.  However, there are a vast number of parents who simply cannot afford the luxury of private schools or the tutors who are able to teach this valuable language.

This is where being English-speaking, becomes an important asset if you want to see the world outside of your own country, especially in Thailand.  By volunteering for free as a teacher in Thailand to underprivileged students, you may be required to provide your services free, but the benefits are well worth it.


You will get to experience life in a foreign country as the locals do, learning more about Thai culture this way than a tourist ever does.  In this respect, your students will become your teachers, and will unlock a wealth of information regarding Thai family hierarchies, traditions, and social norms.

The joy of nurturing these young willing minds while training them in a worthwhile skill is priceless.  Then there are the aspects of getting to see the sights, enjoying the food, and socialising in all the best Thai spots.

Usually, volunteer teachers will work in tandem with a full-time Thai teacher, assisting in lessons and even developing your own. You may be placed at a primary or secondary school, where you will have the opportunity to interact with students of all ages and abilities.  You may stand-in for other volunteer teachers from time to time, thereby getting to enjoy another part of the country with its new experiences.

In order to volunteer for a teaching post in Thailand, you need to be 18 years or older, be able to write and speak English fluently, and have a clean criminal record.  A TEFL is highly recommended.

All volunteers are charged a Project Fee, which includes a comprehensive pre-departure briefing, visa paperwork, insurance, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, orientation, emergency assistance, and a written reference on completion of your term.  You can sign up for anything from three months to a year.

A positive reference as a volunteer will stand you in good stead, should you wish to apply for a paid teaching post in Thailand.

Have you considered volunteering as an English teacher in Thailand?

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