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We offer two TEFL Certification programs. Our premium PRO plan allows you to obtain your certificate while relaxing and experiencing the Thai culture- we take care of all the rest, while the custom course builder plan allows you to pick and choose elements of the program that are right for you.

All-inclusive Best Value

Premium PRO Plan


  • International Accredited TEFL Certification
  • 120hr Quality TEFL course
  • Three Days experience in Thai Schools
  • Volunteer teaching certificate
  • Volunteer Certificate and Real Teaching Experience
  • Teachers Book and Course Materials
  • Guaranteed Job Placement in Thai school
  • 2 Cultural Excursion Day Trips
  • Thai SIM Card and phone set-up instructions
  • Accommodation during the course
  • Daily western breakfast included

Customize your adventure

Custom Course Builder


  • International Accredited TEFL Certification
  • 120hr Quality TEFL course
  • 3 days teaching experience in Thai school
  • Volunteer teaching certificate
  • Teachers Book and Course Materials

  • Guaranteed Job Placement in a school in Thailand (+$500.00)
  • 2 Cultural Excursion Day Trips(+$250.00)
  • Thai SIM Card and phone set-up instructions(+$5.00)
  • Shared or Own Accommodation during the course($550.00-650.00)
  • Daily western breakfast included(with accommodation)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should choose the Premium PRO Plan?

This plan is specifically catered to immerse you in the Thai culture and makes you feel like Thailand is your home. We take care of job placement and visa assistance- being a new culture and not having to worry about these things allows you to truly enjoy yourself. Our weekend excursions take you to culture-rich places, all with no hassle on your part.

Who should choose the custom course builder?

Self-explanatory. You need to customize your experience to work on a specific budget or maybe you want the experience of finding your own accommodation or job in Thailand. With the custom course builder, we put the power in your hands to create your own TEFL certification experience.

How does job placement work?

There is no shortage of TEFL jobs in Thailand; we work with you and third-party agents to fit the most suitable placement and salary. While we can’t provide you with a plethora of options, we do secure your job and placement within a school. This can be a daunting task when you don’t know the language or culture, and we have 100% placement record for all our students!

What visa is right for me?

Visas in Asia can be very confusing. We provide guidance and direction to all our students to make sure no visa problems arise. Our Thailand partner can handle all the paperwork, so you only have to do border runs when your visa expires and make the payments. We’ll make sure you stay up to date and in control with your residency in Thailand!


We have teacher training colleges in both cosmopolitan Chiang Mai - the cultural hub of the North, and Krabi - surrounded by the tropical islands of the South.



Why Pro TEFL?

We have a lot to offer with a TEFL Course starting at the beginning of every month in our two Thailand locations

Cultural Experts

With over 15 years in Thailand, we introduce you to the wide variety of Thai culture within just three weeks.

Extraordinary Curriculum

Awarded BEST TEFL Course by Thailand Ministry of Education in 2016.

Ideal Training Locations

Chiang Mai and Krabi, our training locations, are two of the most sought after destination spots in Thailand.

Cost Effective

TEFL course, job placement, accommodation and culture- our program is the most practical way to invest in your TEFL Certification.

Guaranteed Job Placement

100% Guarantee to place all our graduates in Thailand school the week after graduation.

Excellent Support

After graduation, we offer continued support with visa and work permits. We'll take care of you like family!

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