Take part in the best TEFL Course in Thailand located in the naturally beautiful Krabi

If you’re a nature lover and a vagabond at heart then teaching TEFL in Thailand is almost certainly something that should not go overlooked. Pro TEFL offers a comprehensive and world-renowned teaching course in the beautiful region of Krabi, so why don’t we tell you a little bit about the place and see how reluctant you are to follow your dreams afterward.

Krabi is arguably one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth and if and when you experience it for yourself you will learn that that is by no means an exaggeration. Lined with over 200 tropical islands that are edged with white-sand beaches;Krabi truly is a place that you will never forget in your lifetime which makes it the perfect location for you to take your TEFL course and begin your adventure!

The stunning region is home to an accommodating population of laid-back, friendly folk and all manner of equally interesting and wonderful creatures. There are scores of charming and colourful birds that scatter throughout the beautiful blue skies – Why waste your time on Twitter when you can lounge around in paradise and experience a birdsong worth listening to.

Why should you choose Krabi when learning TEFL in Thailand?

While there are all of the convenient amenities of home to be found in Krabi, there is a great deal more country for you to explore. Our Krabi package truly offers the ultimate island TEFL course experience. Even our TEFL learning centre, near the local pier, is located a stone’s throw away from an ancient shell repository, ‘Su-san Hoi’, which is said to be over 40 million years old!

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Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to explore such an incredibly wondrous place that is rich with history and natural authenticity. It is here that you can truly get stuck into a comprehensive TEFL course and work hard toward your certification while being able to look forward to a sunset snorkelling trip at the end of the day. And of course we all know what happens after the sun sets…that’s when the partying begins.

When it comes to students and TEFL courses Thailand is definitely a no brainer. And while there are many fantastic locations to check out in Thailand, Krabi truly does offer an entirely unique type of experience. The island life is most certainly something to be desired as even when you’re working hard and studying throughout a long and tiring day; the very fact that you are on a tropical island is enough to get you through – The sun is always shining and the people are always smiling, so no matter how much work you have to complete: you’ll find it nigh on impossible to get stressed out!

The Andaman Sea welcomes divers, fishermen, kayakers and snorkelers, while the gorgeous, golden beaches allow you hours of relaxing sunbathing and the occasional soothing swim through the blue. Or perhaps you are the more adventurous type that is always on the look-out for a fix of adrenaline? Then you’ll be able to get your fix with some magnificent rock-climbing and abseiling experiences – after it all when you’re exhausted from your exertions; why not unwind with a calming traditional Thai-style massage.

Are you afraid that you’ll get lonely or homesick when learning TEFL in Thailand?

If you’re seriously considering taking one of our TEFL courses in Thailand then you have no doubt thought about whether or not you’ll get lonely or homesick. Pro TEFL would like you to rest assured that we will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that you are feeling welcome and at ease. Our TEFL staff look forward to sharing their vast knowledge and experience of all of the best places to go so that you make the most of your time with us.

There is no shortage of things to see and do! You will find that Krabi town is littered with exciting nightspots, authentic pubs and a bustling tourist trade. You will be surrounded by friendly Thai’s, cheery tourists and of course your fellow TEFL students so you’ll certainly have no shortage of friends!

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Package overview

Here is an overview of the packages we can offer you in Krabi.

Join our excursions, explore Thailand

Our numerous years in Thailand and our involvement with our student’s means that we know precisely where to take you so you get the most out of your TEFL course. Our Chiang Mai and Krabi trips are designed to acquaint you with the excellence of Thailand, let you loosen up after your first week of TEFL training and permit you to become more acquainted with the other students in a fun-pressed environment.

If you decide to go for the Premium package, then the excursions are inclusive within in the package price at no additional cost whatsoever. And even if you’ve opted for one of our different packages you’re still more than welcome to tag along! You can’t miss out on the breath-taking experience of bathing with stunning and enormous elephants, or white water rafting down the picturesque Mae Tang River or even going on the Four Island Boat Tour in the tropical region of Krabi – all of this with a group of fellow students who will certainly become good friends. We do this all of the time and we still love it so it is definitely worth checking out!

When do the excursions take place?

All of our excursions are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month. Typically we depart at 8:30AM and then return around 6:00PM – the same applies in both the Chiang Mai or Krabi training locations.

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Krabi Excursion Trips include:

From the training location in Krabi we first head down to the water which is a short three minute walk, where we hop on board a boat that will take us on the world-famous Four Island Trip. As we rent out own captain and boat we are able to customise this day trip to suit you and explore the four islands closest to the training center. Then we have lunch and enjoy swimming around, snorkelling and admiring the stunning marine life!

  • Koh Gai Island (Or Chicken Island) is shaped like a chicken and is coincidentally one of the most regularly photographed Islands in the Andaman Ocean.
  • Koh Poda Island a stunning and mystic island that is simply a must see!
  • Koh Tub Island boasts white, sandy beaches and clear warm waters for you to enjoy.
  • Koh Mor Island and Tub Islands are both connected via a small stretch of white, sandy beach that is only visible during the low tide when you can comfortably stroll from on island to the other.
  • Phra Nang Cave is a stunning location that happens to be a sacred place amongst the local sea-gypsies in the area.
  • Railay Beach is renowned for its impressive and unrivaled natural beauty and will literally take your breath away!

We work and play

If you'd really like to grow into an effective TEFL teacher and be able to connect with your students and the Thai locals while enriching your understanding of the Thai culture; then you will most certainly benefit from our Thai immersion trips.

Much like our excursions these Thai immersion trips are packed with plenty of fun and fascination. They will give you an initial peek into the heart of Thai culture and their way of life. We believe that this aspect of our course is vital if you desire a solid foundation for understanding what makes Thai people tick which will allow you to connect with your students.

We hold these trips in such high regard that they’re actually included in our packages. Even if you have selected the intensive learning package you wills still be able to come along and join your fellow students – all you need to do is let us know and we will fill you in with the additional cost and make the arrangements for you.

When do the Thai immersion trips take place?

The cultural immersion trips take place on the second Saturday of the month. We leave our facilities at 10:00AM and return by approximately 5:00PM.

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Krabi immersion trips include:

  • While Krabi is not quite the same cultural center as Chiang Mai is, it still offers much with regards to understanding the history of Thailand. Our immersion trip will take you on a journey by boat to the Hong islands where you can experience the beautiful lagoon with its white sandy beach and enjoy some swimming and snorkeling.
  • Then we head to Lading Island to hike and climb up the incredible rock formations where you can enjoy some truly amazing views of over the 100 islands or alternatively you can just lay on the beach.
  • Then we pop over to Pakbia Island to explore the labyrinth of caves and cliffs where you can jump into stunning, turquoise waters filled with delightful tropical fish. This island is also a great location to chill on the beach under the shade of the tree-line.
  • Finally we head to Daeng Island to do some snorkeling around the immense coral reef that is famous for its impeccable clarity and underwater visibility.

Airport Pickup and Accommodation

If you would like we would be happy to collect you from the airport and take you to your resort or hotel so that you can relax after a long flight.

Hometel – Krabi, Thailand:

Hometel is a small and cozy hotel that offers 13 rooms styled in a somewhat Thai/Western fusion. Students can enjoy free Wifi, bakery, restaurant, daily service, comfy beds, balconies and a relaxing rooftop area.

Centrally located at Krabi walking street, easily accessible by bus and near the Krabi Airport ( 13 kms). Hometel , is surrounded by shopping areas like Vogue Department Store, morning and night markets, restaurants and tourist attractions. Across the road from Hometel students are often seen catching a boat to one of the nearby islands or taking a sunset cruise through the mangroves.

The restaurant at Hometel provides a daily breakfast where students are able to select anything from their delicious menu. Hometel offers a small family environment and friendly staff who are always willing to help make your stay that much more enjoyable.