Explore learning TEFL in Chiang Mai with paid work placements

If you’re looking into taking a TEFL course Chiang Mai is most certainly the number one destination for students who want to truly explore Thailand in all of its beauty and authenticity while significantly reducing the effects of culture shock.

The gorgeous region of Chiang Mai lends itself beautifully to the role of introducing our TEFL students to local living. One of the main concerns for prospective students is whether or not they will feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment; though you can rest assured that as far as teaching TEFL in Thailand is concerned: Chiang Mai is an excellent place to start!
The city is as vibrant and bustling as it is awe-inspiring with plenty of easy access to all of the modern conveniences of home. In the same breath, Chiang Mai will provide you with a powerful insight into the more traditional Thai lifestyle and will definitely render you feeling most welcome and at ease.
Chiang Mai offers you boundless thriving Thai street markets to explore where you can discover a wealth of exotic and authentic Thai food to feast on; and if ever you find that you’re feeling a little home sick you can visit one of the many modern malls for a taste of nostalgia with a Western-style takeaway!

  • TEFL Chiang Mai and explore the city
  • TEFL Chiang Mai and indulge in the arts and culture
  • TEFL Chiang Mai and learn Thai
  • TEFL Chiang Mai and teach english
  • TEFL Chiang Mai and explore Doi Inthanon on the Outskirts of Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai TEFL student by day; adventurous party animal by night!

Teaching English as a foreign language abroad isn’t all about work, work, work. In fact by learning in Chiang Mai you will be able to truly immerse yourself in an exciting and irrefutably gorgeous environment with so much to see and do!
There are plenty of magnificent and mind-blowing templesfor you to explore though if ever you’re looking to get away from the modern architectural styles of Chiang Mai and escape amidst a more natural design; you can traverse the seemingly endless and stunning countryside that lay in wait only minutes away.
And yes of course there will be a lot of hard work though not without reward. At the end of your course you will be a fully certified TEFL teacher with a guaranteed placement, however in the meantime you can let your hair down and enjoy the enchanting nightlife that Chiang Mai has to offer. This magnificent city is famous for its colourful festivals and bustling street markets so there will surely be something new and exciting for you to experience every single day!

You’ll never be alone because Chiang Mai TEFL students are easy to find.

If you’re worried that you may get a little lonely, don’t be. Not only is there a great community of expatriates living in Chiang Mai but you will also find that there are a great number of fellow TEFL students and teachers for you to befriend.
Pro TEFL’s Chiang Mai training centre is conveniently located within walking distance of the large, six-floor Central Festival Mall. The training centre has three modern classrooms located in a new four-story building. You can easily access the city and all of its traditional amenities from your classroom.
While you will surely have an amazing time during the learning process, lunchtime will always be welcome due to the vast array of local street vendors and restaurants that provide a great number of delicious and exotic meals for you to choose from (Again, don’t panic if you’re not the most adventurous of eaters as there are numerous Western-style food joints scattered throughout the city!).
Remember that Chiang Mai is home to our TEFL staff and they are always eager to share their advice and experiences and offer their guidance to our students. We will not only give you the tools to succeed in a teaching environment but we will also do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable and as though at home.

Join our excursions, explore Thailand

Our numerous years in Thailand and our involvement with our student’s means that we know precisely where to take you so you get the most out of your TEFL course. Our Chiang Mai and Krabi trips are designed to acquaint you with the excellence of Thailand, let you loosen up after your first week of TEFL training and permit you to become more acquainted with the other students in a fun-pressed environment.

If you decide to go for the Premium package, then the excursions are inclusive within in the package price at no additional cost whatsoever. And even if you’ve opted for one of our different packages you’re still more than welcome to tag along! You can’t miss out on the breath-taking experience of bathing with stunning and enormous elephants, or white water rafting down the picturesque Mae Tang River or even going on the Four Island Boat Tour in the tropical region of Krabi – all of this with a group of fellow students who will certainly become good friends. We do this all of the time and we still love it so it is definitely worth checking out!

When do the excursions take place?

All of our excursions are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month. Typically we depart at 8:30AM and then return around 6:00PM – the same applies in both the Chiang Mai or Krabi training locations.

Chiang Mai Excursions Trips include:

From our Training centre in Chiang Mai we head to Mae Rim which is the main district in the central part of the province. This exciting district is conveniently positioned with many wonderful and exotic things to see and do. Boasting luscious, green mountainous landscapes it feels like something out of a story book.

  • First off is the orchid and butterfly farm, where we’ll walk amongst some of the most spectacular creatures and flowers and learn a thing or two about the natural world around us.
  • Following that, we’ll stop off at one of the local hill markets to buy some delicious fresh fruit, water and other supplies for the day.
  • Next up is the waterfall hike, but it isn’t your typical waterfall; this has some incredible natural slides and refreshing pools surrounding it.
  • Then it’s lunch time which is very important – you’ll need to refuel.
  • Once we’re well fed we head to the Mae Tang River where we’ll begin white water rafting for the thrill seekers and a bit of bamboo rafting for those looking to kick back and relax. You’ll fall in love with all of the amazing animal life around!
  • Then, to end on a high note we will climb onto elephants and trek through the gorgeous jungle where we will come across the river; here we will bathe with these friendly and gentle creatures – arguably the most exciting and unforgettable activity of all!  
  • Elephant Excursion as part of ProTEFL teaching course

Freinds of Elphants

We work and play

If you'd really like to grow into an effective TEFL teacher and be able to connect with your students and the Thai locals while enriching your understanding of the Thai culture; then you will most certainly benefit from our Thai immersion trips.

Much like our excursions these Thai immersion trips are packed with plenty of fun and fascination. They will give you an initial peek into the heart of Thai culture and their way of life. We believe that this aspect of our course is vital if you desire a solid foundation for understanding what makes Thai people tick which will allow you to connect with your students.

We hold these trips in such high regard that they’re actually included in our packages. Even if you have selected the intensive learning package you wills still be able to come along and join your fellow students – all you need to do is let us know and we will fill you in with the additional cost and make the arrangements for you.

When do the Thai immersion trips take place?

The cultural immersion trips take place on the second Saturday of the month. We leave our facilities at 10:00AM and return by approximately 5:00PM.

Chiang Mai Immersion Trips include:

  • First off we head to the stunning mountains of Doi Suthep. This mountain range is visible from the city and is located roughly 15km to the northwest.
  • Then we visit the village of the Hmong hill tribe and the Hill Tribe/Long Neck museum. This stop will provide you with an insight into history of the Hill Tribes in and around Thailand.
  • While at Doi Suthep National Park we pay a visit to the reowned Wat Phra That; this is a Theravada Buddhist temple that is located near the top of Mount Suthep. It was built as a monastery in 1383 and to this day is still a working monastery.
  • Finally we visit the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence, on top of the Bhubing Palace as well, which is the winter residence of the royal family.

Airport Pickup and Accommodation

If you would like we would be happy to collect you from the airport and take you to your resort or hotel so that you can relax after a long flight.

Accommodation Airport Pickup:

Pro TEFL is there for you every step of the way. Have the confidence in knowing that the first friendly face you see will be one of ours. TEFL instructors will collect arriving teachers and assist them with resort check in. This service allows arriving teachers a hassle free transition into the TEFL program. It also gives you the fastest route to a comfy bed and shower. We know how you feel after a long travel. All you have to do is look for a blue and white sign with your name on it.

  • Simply exit your arrival gate to meet our smiling staff.
  • Once everyone is accounted for we hop on waiting ProTEFL vans
  • In about 15 mins you will arrive at your accommodation to relax


Pro TEFL has carefully selected our accommodations to suit the needs of our new teachers.

We strive to provide convenience, comfort and fun. The accommodation in both Chiang Mai and Krabi Thailand are within walking distance of our world class training facilities. They both include all that one would expect from a premium TEFL course. With modern amenities and an authentic Thai feel, what more could you ask for.

Eco Resort – Chiang Mai, Thailand:

This resort was developed with the environment in mind and boasts large tropical gardens, two restaurants, work out area, 25m swimming pool, bar and entertainment zone. In the mornings a daily western buffet breakfast will help you start the day. The rooms are clean and comfortable and serviced daily. Free Wifi and access to desktop computers will help you stay in touch with loved ones as well as share your new adventure with them.

The stay at Eco resort is often regarded as one of the highlights by our students and is great place to make new friends. From Eco resort it’s a short walk into the old city, Night Bazaar, shopping malls and many other places of interest.