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Thailand TEFL Course Overview

Thailand TEFL course and certification.

If you think traveling the world and exploring new cultures is just a pipe dream, then you’re in for a treat! We hope that as you explore our Thailand TEFL course and certification, that you’ll begin to get excited about the reality of the options that lie before you.

Our accredited, 120-hour Thailand TEFL course and certification will give you the tools to teach anywhere in the world, and if you have your eye on Thailand, then we don’t mind telling you that our name on your CV will make getting in the door a breeze. We know this because we’ve built longstanding relationships with schools and understand what they’re looking for. With over 4,500 graduates teaching English as a foreign language around the world, we stand by our reputation to equip you to get working as quickly as possible.

We have four Thailand TEFL course offerings, all designed with your varying needs in mind:

  • Our Premium Program is just that – a premium package that is hassle- and worry-free. Like the Intensive course, it is entirely in-class, but we arrange everything for you, from resort accommodation to all your trips and excursions. It’s a brilliant solution for those who want the best value for money.
  • Our Intensive Course is the perfect TEFL course for those who don’t want any frills. This course is offered at our two training centers in Thailand, but doesn’t include accommodation, excursions or cultural trips.
  • Our Hybrid Program is the perfect mix of at-home convenience and in-country experience. You’ll do part of the course online and then part of it with us in Thailand, choosing to study at either Krabi or Chiang Mai.
  • Our Online Course leverages the convenience of technology and allows you to study at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Need help deciding? It all depends on the kind of TEFL certification experience you’re looking for…

  • Our Premium Course Package is for those who value 100% in-class instruction and the classmate interaction that goes with it, as well as the security of pre-arranged accommodation and a complete cultural immersion experience with guided trips to the royal residence in Chiang Mai, a visit to a hill tribe and more! Plus, we throw in a guided jungle excursion, complete with a waterfall slide, white water rafting and an elephant trek. This is definite material for memory-making.
  • The resort accommodation in both the Premium Course Package and our Hybrid Course Package includes either two or three weeks (depending on your package) of accommodation, usually at Eco Resort Chiang Mai. We love this resort because it has free Wi-Fi, a pool, a daily continental breakfast and peaceful surroundings. It’s conveniently located close to the city center and is within walking distance of our training facility. And we’ve built up a good report with them, which goes a long way.
  • Our Hybrid Course Package is for those who are self-starters and can do a week’s worth of studying on their own. With this package you’ll need to organize your own excursions.
  • Our Intensive Course Package and our Online Course Package are more budget sensitive, but place more of the responsibility on you. You need to be disciplined to study on your own, and with the Intensive Course Package, you’ll need to see to your own accommodation, trips and cultural experiences – all of which we recommend you do because of the value they add to your overall experience.

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