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The Living is Easy in Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic destination for the penny-pinching traveller and teaching has got to be the perfect vocation. Teaching English in Thailand is easy after taking the Premium TEFL course offered by EntrustTEFL, which sets you up with everything you need to succeed. It also leaves you with enough time and resources to enjoy a high quality life and still save for further travels.

The cost of living in Thailand, particularly in the smaller centres, is amazingly low when compared to America and other western countries. For example the average Consumer price index in Thailand is 45.79 compared to a CPI of 77.48 in the US.  This basically means that once you have settled all your necessary monthly expenses you will still have bahts to burn when it comes to entertainment and sightseeing.


Picture the scene: earning 30 000 bhat per month, which is the average salary for teachers in Thailand, and taxation is only 7% of that, will leave you with a nett income of 27 900. Of this, rent and utilities are fixed at around 8 000 THB per month and a meal budget at about another 8 000 THB per month, although this can vary considerably (but more of that later), that would leave you with 11 900 THB to spend on entertainment and savings.

With some effort you could then spend in the region of 2 000 THB monthly on keeping yourself amused, leaving you with savings of 9 900 THB every month.

If you consider food to be part of entertainment, then the fantastic variety of restaurants available in Thailand will be just up your street. You can find really nourishing meals for between 30 and 100 THB ($1 to $4) all over the place. So even if you ate out for three meals a day you could spend as little as 2 700 THB a month on meals – that’s hardly worth the effort of cooking for yourself!

spring-roll Drinks is where your entertainment expenses can start to climb, an espresso can set you back about 100 THB, a beer costs about 90 THB and cocktails are twice as expensive as that – just another reason to practice moderation.

There really are few places in the world where you can live in decent accommodation, eat well, see all the sights, save some money, and still go out every night on a teacher’s salary.

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